Mum baffled as woman 200 miles away finds her wedding DVD in charity shop boxset

A couple was been left baffled after their wedding DVD was found 200 miles from their home – in a boxset case for The Sopranos.

Pauline – known as Polly – and Ross Ramsay wed six years ago and treasured the memories of their big day in Cancun, Mexico in 2015.

But, the couple hadn’t even noticed their marriage memento was missing.

Out-of-the-blue Polly, 34, got a message on Facebook from kindhearted Paula Weiller, telling her she’d found it in a DVD boxset bought in York.

The message read: “Hi Pauline, I know this will sound crazy. But last week I bought a The Sopranos box of DVDs at a charity shop. And to my surprise, the first DVD was actually your wedding DVD.

She continued: “I felt so sad because I put myself in your place and I thought you’d be devastated losing your wedding DVD. I know I would. So I started looking for you all over social media and I’m glad I found you.”

Paula, 30, is from Brazil but moved to York two years ago and hunted the couple down on Facebook.

Speaking to Edinburgh Live about the extraordinary events, Polly said: “I had no idea the wedding DVD was missing! When I asked where she was, I expected her to respond somewhere in Edinburgh as we moved from there to Calderwood two years ago so I assumed it must’ve gone missing during the move.

“I was totally shocked, she offered to return it by post recorded delivery to arrive the next day to ensure safe receipt, of course, we are covering the cost.

“The kind lady had trouble finding me on FB since my name is Polly on it, and not my Sunday name Pauline. Goes to show there are good people out there.

“Not quite your Sopranos episode!”

Paula said she sat down to watch the series one boxset of The Sopranos and thought Polly and Ross’ nuptials were part of the drama.

She said: “My husband and I are from Brazil, and we moved to York in October 2019. We barely got the chance to travel around, because lockdown started.

“July 3 was my birthday, and I booked a fun weekend in Edinburgh, to celebrate it. On our last day and we went walking in a beautiful neighbourhood.

“On our way back to the centre I see the Martins House charity shop and decided to go in because I was looking for a tweed beret.

“I was excited when I spotted this The Sopranos DVD boxset that I had been looking for ages.

“I was so happy. My husband was like ‘Are we really going to carry this thing all day?’ And yeah we did.”

She added she didn’t realise the wedding DVD was in the box until she got back to York on Sunday.

“It was my first day off from work, so my plan was to binge-watch The Sopranos, continued Paula.

“When I saw the first DVD written ‘Our wedding’ I thought to myself ‘Oh cool, this must be like The Godfather, it starts with a wedding’.

“So I started watching, but it was really slow and in Mexico. And I saw one guest wearing a kilt. I thought ‘Wait, this isn’t a director’s cut or anything’.

“When I noticed it was actually someone’s wedding, I carried on watching in the hope I would hear the bride and groom’s full name, so I could look them up on social media.

“Luckily they did. It took me a long time, but I eventually found the right Polly, I was so happy.

“And when I contacted Polly, I told her what happened and send pictures of the DVD and of the footage, so she didn’t think I was crazy.

“And I still haven’t watched my Sopranos.”