Mother who had a child at 13 is often assumed to be her daughter’s sister

A woman has shared how her mother is often mistaken for being her sister because she is just 13 years older – and people have said they are both “gorgeous”.

TikTok star Paris Ledger shared the news with her fans, in a video where she films herself standing in a kitchen and then spins the camera around to show another young woman.

The other woman has blonde hair and is drinking from a bottle, and there is a striking resemblance between their facial features.

Then, on-screen text appears, which reads “when my mum had me at 13 so everyone thinks we’re sisters”, followed by the embarrassed and crying-laughing emoji.

The TikTok video was watched more than 600,000 times and people were very impressed with the mum and daughter double act.

One person commented: “Off comment but you are both gorgeous.”

A second user wrote: “Mine had me at 15, we get the same thing.”

“Smaller age gap than me and my brother lol,” commented a third viewer.

Another person wrote: “Your mum sacrificed all her carefree days of discovering the big wide world after childhood/school to raise a beautiful girl and party with her.

“She’s a female boss and she did well.”

“This is gonna be me and my daughter, had her at 13. She is my best friend but people think we’re sisters,” wrote someone else.

Paris says she is aged 16 on her Instagram account which would make her glamorous mum 29.

Meanwhile, a mother and daughter say they’re always mistaken for sisters – despite their 23-year age gap.

Mum-of-two Andrea Malczewski, 34, is forever having to explain to people that Sharon Gause, 57, is her mother and not her sister.

Andrea and gran-of-two Sharon – who are both hairdressers – credit their gruelling gym work outs and sharing fashion tips for their youthful looks.

The pair has even completed four marathons together in a bid to stay fit – and say they love being compared as sisters as it makes their inseparable bond even stronger.