Sugar-free bars that pack a creamy punch

I feel slightly apologetic mentioning the same brand too often, as if that’s all I know. The reality is that I have hundreds of different-make bars in my office at any one time – like the most benevolent of office colleagues. But what I choose to write about rests entirely on that week’s whim.

I mention this because the chocolate bar I can’t get enough of at the moment is another one by Zotter – mentioned just a few weeks ago, it’s one in the Squaring The Circle range: specifically the 70/30% Milk Choco. It’s a dark milk with 70% cocoa and 30% organic, full-cream milk powder and a touch of vanilla.

I saw it when I ordered the Butter Caramel, which I mentioned at the end of May but, back then, this bar didn’t appeal. However, it’s fast become one of my favourites.

It’s not going to be for everyone – due warning – but I love it and here’s why. There’s no added sugar, all the sugar in it is from the milk, so the sugar per 100g is only 12g, which is very low for most chocolate, let alone a milk one. But this bar is not like any other 70% cocoa bar you’ll try – it’s creamy, but it’s also super satisfying so you just don’t feel like pigging out on it.

The STC range features either chocolate with no added sugar or alternative sugars, such as coconut sugar, but, of course, still sugar.

Two others of note: the 60% Milk with Coconut Sugar, £3.95 (27g of sugar per 100g, still less than a lot of milk chocolates) was delicious and the 70% dark with maple sugar, £3.95 (25g of sugar) was so, so tasty – if possibly too sweet for me.