Jobs, marriages, cities – we are quitting them in our droves

It’s time, friends. That high-pitched hum that’s been getting louder, the tap-tap-tap of your left foot, the way every interaction with another human makes you feel a new and more vinegary anger – these are signs that it is time, time to quit. What are we quitting? What’ve you got? More people are quitting their […]


Wall Street banks hike shareholder payouts after Fed gives the green light

Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo said on Monday they were hiking their capital payouts after the U.S. Federal Reserve gave them a clean bill of health following their annual “stress tests” last week. Analysts and investors had expected the country’s largest lenders to start issuing as much as $130 […]


Bentley reveals details about its Flying Spur Hybrid, the ‘most efficient Bentley ever’

Luxury carmaker Bentley has announced details about its Flying Spur Hybrid sedan, its second Bentley hybrid, which the company claims is the “most efficient Bentley ever.” Using just the electric motor, Bentley says you’ll be able to drive for more than 40 kilometers (or just under 25 miles), and the company says the car offers […]


‘My dad named me after his mistress so if he slipped up people wouldn’t realise’

When it comes to baby names, some were picked based on tradition, while others are chosen completely at random. Others were given names for much more unfortunate reasons. A woman from Kentucky, US, has recently taken to TikTok to share the unusual story behind her name and she’s gone viral as a result. The social […]